What Counts is a New Creation


Jesus cannot be understood from a position in the law because He is not of the law.
To be new creation people we need to be new covenant people; people who live totally in the Spirit of Christ. The sons of God live in the Spirit of Christ and are led by the Spirit of Christ. They multiply the new creation because He who created life is their life. People were not made for law. But there is an order than is made for people namely the Christ in them. This order is none other than the Son of Man manifest in you and all of us.

“Jesus answered them, “Have you never read what David did when he and his companions were hungry? He entered the house of God, and taking the consecrated bread, he ate what is lawful only for priests to eat. And he also gave some to his companions.” Then Jesus said to them, “The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath” Luke 6.3-5 NIV.

‘Lord of the Sabbath’ does not mean custodian of Sabbath observance or Lord of ‘Sabbath-keeping.’ It means Jesus is our peace, rest, the soil of our being and guarantee of Kingdom imagination and creativity. Following the cross Jesus rested on the Sabbath since He had put to rest the entire old covenant, the law of sin and death and the regime and culture of errant Adam. On Sunday morning Jesus rose from the tomb and instituted the new creation in Himself. Following Pentecost this new life became Jesus in you, in the church and in the world. The new creation is Christ alive and multiplied in His people.

The Christ of God is not a creature of the law, of religion or philosophy. His is the logos and He is life. The entire cosmos hangs together in Him and takes its rationale from Him, as do we. Today there is no transformative power in the law. But there is in the law of the Spirit of Life who is Christ Himself.

Jesus cannot be understood from a position in the law because He is not of the law. He is of His Father and one with His Father. God is a spirit yet a spirit manifest in the flesh of humanity. Jesus never lived from the law. He lives entirely in and from His Father. He respected the law culturally but did not live from it. He lived as a son because He and His Father were one. Father’s and Son’s ‘knowing’ of each other was unique and exquisite. Yet this ‘knowing’ is now ours because they have taken up residence in our being in the Spirit.

Righteousness is subordinate to life. It flows from life as does love. Righteousness is a function of both. As sons we are the expression of both. This is how we get to be the
righteousness of God in Christ. There is nothing antinomian about the law of the Spirit of life. It is Christ expressed as you.

There are false Christ’s who are formed from our own faulty thinking and the influence of demons. People can talk of Christ, hear His name and assent to the notion of Christ our life. But as yet they cannot live it because their christ is framed in the law and precepts of the knowledge of good and evil. Their christ is framed through tradition, a church works culture and a life of performance activity. So framed, He is not who He is and actually a false-christ formed from human imagining and a projection of ourselves.

To live as sons we need to know Christ as He is as the Son,
who is Spirit and truth. Spirit and truth are a function of union with God. Never from law, letter or human perspective.

The Sabbath of Christ cannot be understood from the law or from a life in Moses. It can only be understood in Christ and the Jesus lens because in the new testament the Sabbath is Jesus. Jesus is your rest, peace and new-everyday-life. Lets be clear. Our
un-life in Adam ended on Friday. Our life in God began on Sunday morning. Since Christ is in you, our Christ- life is not only the Sabbath come in the flesh. It is the new creation come by the Spirit into humanity to be multiplied by us all on every day of the week. Sabbath is not a day. It is a life!

In Trinitarian Conversations Vol 1 we find,

As Jesus deals with Peter, he's going to try to help him fill that proper theological label, "Christ," "Messiah," with the meaning of who he really is. If Peter will let him do that, then his words and concepts and ideas and responses of who Jesus will be more faithful. It puts Peter and the disciples and even us, at a certain crossroads. Will we let Jesus take our names and labels, and fill them with the true meaning? Or will we hold on to even proper names and labels, but hang on to an erroneous content?

The Pharisees had the same problem. They understood God in terms of their ascertained view of the law. When Jesus comes, the question is, will they hang on to their view of the law and interpret Jesus in terms of the law? Or will they let Jesus be the one who interprets the law? When it comes to the Sabbath, we have the same problem - they believe Jesus is violating the Sabbath when he heals or allows the disciples to pluck their wheat or heal on the Sabbath. But Jesus' response is, I am the Sabbath. I'm the one who created it. I'm here to interpret to you what that's all about. So don't interpret me in terms of the law. Interpret the law in terms of me. I'm the source, I'm the creator of it. I'm here to tell you what it's really all about. And not only to tell you, but to be that Sabbath.

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