What Counts is a New Creation


The culture that grew from Adam has various names, like Babylon and Egypt. Both are version of the death-riddled life that spreads from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Jesus is the new and living way. He began the Kingdom of heaven among us when he began His public ministry. His initial declaration, about setting captives free means liberating people from every encumbrance that hangs off them like a dag to drag them down and dull their life.

Humans are social beings. We build a our own reality, our own culture and live from it. As daughters and sons of God this life was meant to multiply more life exponentially. The life of God in us and as us was there to multiply life unto life. This is the chief meaning of ‘be fruitful and multiply’ – the life of God in ourselves. Briefly such a life would be infinite, eternal, visionary, invigorating and .. there is no other way to put it .. life multiplying.

In Jesus we are life giving spirits. In anything else we are just religious.

In 1966 two social scientists wrote a book entitled ‘
The Social Construction of Reality.’ No need to read the book. But it focused on the fact that human life is a social life and that we perceive and interpret the raw data we receive through this lens. But this is not all. We live in and through this collective life. Our life has not only a physical existence. It is a system and a culture.

Our calling is to create this culture. Not to live from it.

The culture that grew from Adam has various names, like Babylon and Egypt. Both are version of the death-riddled life that spreads from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But there is another culture, another Kingdom that grows from God’s Son. This is the new and living way. It is the new creation that grows from the tree of life that is Jesus.

Kingdom life is Jesus write large. Not Jesus as a footnote to our preoccupations and culture.

It should be evident, but it is not, that the life of the Kingdom of Heaven is Christ manifest in you and in all who believe. But this is dimly perceived. The life of God produces the Kingdom of God. The King effects the Kingdom. The person of Jesus produces the community of Jesus. The vine produces the branches. I don’t know how many times I have endured the obtuse opinion that community produces Godliness. It doesn’t. But the community of God grows from the person of Jesus.

One might hope that all would know that the law leads to the Spirit, the old testament to the new and the temple to the house Jesus builds from His people – without human hands. But many do not. They live a dulled and truncated existence in versions of the knowledge of good and evil, in Christian culture and works AND THINK THIS IS CHRIST. If only. This is not Christ our life. It is us striving to be our version of the Christ life – which is religious and dead.

There is a Christian Industry built on religious effort. An industry that is as wooden and mechanical as any factory. An industry led by industrial magnates that pumps out well-intentioned product of the kind Jesus came to liberate everyone from. If we think the life of God flows out of churches we are part of this industry with its hoards of babies and self-centered consumers. There is a living way in which we can grow the Kingdom. We can do what Father did. He planted Jesus. By planting Jesus Father harvested sons. He is doing this still. He uses people for whom Christ is life. It is out of sons who live in our Father that Father produces life.

Paul’s expression ‘Christ your life’ is not a play on words. Neither is it an option. It is the essence of the Kingdom among us. There is life that is the expression of Jesus in people and life that is merely a culture and a form of godliness without power. It is a serious thing not to know the difference between the two because this is the difference between wheat and tares. Wheat represents and apostolic people, an apostolic church that is the Kingdom of God. Tares represent the sons of the evil one – not immoral. Just not alive and living a flesh life that is spirit and truth. Ron McGatlin differentiates between the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdoms of this world here.

“America may be losing the battle of existence as a godly nation. And the Christian religion may be suffering great losses.
However, the kingdom of God is not losing any ground. The kingdom is increasing even more rapidly. The true kingdom of God is greatly expanding and intensifying.
The decline of both religious and worldly church systems is not the decline of the kingdom of God. The establishment of the kingdom of God on earth now is taking place mostly outside of the past established religious systems. There are indeed people inside these systems who are moving toward the kingdom of God reality. However, many spiritual people who are moving into the reality of the kingdom of God on earth are being led out of the religious structures.

Currently the people of all governing structures in America and western nations are under severe and cunningly devised attack by spirits of anti-Christ seeking to remove God and Christ Jesus from all governance both religious and secular in our nations.
The now manifesting collaboration of anti-Christ spirit forces working through the major governmental political systems, economic systems, mass media, public education, religious systems, and all other life ordering systems has stolen the godly heritage and family oriented foundations of America and other western nations.

The anti-Christ powers of darkness are trying to create division and turmoil on every front in America so that marshal law is brought forth making it impossible to hold national elections. In all the turmoil a police state would replace our democratic constitutional government.
Even a nominal Christian probably knows some biblical verses about what the devil means for evil God will use for good and that all things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose. So, what in the world could there be good for the purposes of God in this apparent failure of once “godly” and prosperous nations?

God has not lost control of His creation. He has indeed given dominion to mankind in the first Adam, and after Adam’s fall redeemed man in the last Adam, Christ Jesus.
Mankind still has the place of dominion over the things on earth. However, God retains full final authority over all of His creation and determines all natural, physical, and spiritual laws of cause and effect. God’s universal laws of creation order all creation.

As mankind chooses to align with God’s universal laws, our way is prosperous and easy as we flow smoothly and powerfully with what God desires and has designed for life on our planet. If man chooses to not align with God’s universal laws of creation, powerful negative forces are in place to press man toward realignment with God’s ways or laws. Increasingly difficult forces become disastrous and lead to death thereby maintaining the order of God in His creation. The written word of God gives instruction for being aligned with God’s universal law. The Bible calls misalignment with universal law “sin.” Clear instructions and warnings such as, “The wages of sin is death” and “The soul that sins shall die” are given in His written word.

Mankind having dominion means that we have ability to choose to align with God and His ways or to deny God and His ways and do life a different way. Yet, we cannot avoid the results of our choices and actions. When we choose an action, we also choose the consequences of that action. To some degree all the earth and all mankind are affected by every person’s decision. The combined collected actions of greater numbers of people has a greater impact or effect on the earth. Families, tribes, and nations aligned with God and His ways are an irresistible force of the rule of God, the kingdom of God on earth.
Righteousness is walking or living in alignment with God’s way, God’s universal laws of creation. Unrighteousness is anything else.

Living in His righteousness is the kingdom of God on earth. All things align for those who live in His kingdom and in whom His kingdom lives.
The mountain of God on earth is the nations in whom the kingdom of God abides within its people. The families, tribes, and nations that turn their face toward God and seek Him and His kingdom with their whole hearts will become the mountain of the rule of God on earth as it is in heaven (See Isaiah 2:2-4).
The call of God for Israel, America, and other nations was and is to become the mountain of God on earth, the New Jerusalem flowing the glorious peaceful alignment of God to all the earth, the salt of the earth.
Again the written word is clear regarding misalignment with the universal laws of creation. If the salt has lost its saltiness it is worthless and worthy only to be cast out and trodden under the feet of men (See Matthew 5:13).

America is now deeply divided into two major parts: one segment who have some form of relationship with God through Christ Jesus who will turn their faces toward God and His kingdom, and the other segment has other gods and will not turn their faces toward the one true God to align with His kingdom. The division is not conservative and liberal; it is godly and ungodly.
Jesus made it very clear that a house divided against itself cannot stand. To fight for the reunification of the nation might be a futile fight. According to His promises God has not obligated Himself to save the nation and its governments as they are now. However, He is fully committed to saving everyone who comes to Him, and He is fully committed to establishing His kingdom, His rule upon the land possessed by His kingdom people.

Our God is a redemptive God. He will do and has done great redemptive works for all who call upon Him including wayward nations that will humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways, and repent.
Satan, the defeated enemy, and his anti-Christ spirit led army have been re-empowered by agreement and permission from deceived and demonically inspired leaders and teachers through higher learning institutions that have filtered down through all levels of education including entertainment and mass media. The core of the national strength of America is already greatly dismantled to the point of being unable to stand to resist the onslaught of the enemy.
The anti-Christ spirit may be working through governmental powers trying to create such division and turmoil in the nation that marshal law is brought about making it impossible to hold national elections so a police state can take over to replace our democratic constitutional governmental system. However, God has a much greater purpose and plan.

The enemy is desperate to stop the kingdom of God from coming forth on earth. It will mean the end of his evil reign on earth. In the onslaught of the enemy against the things of God, there is always a temptation to fight evil with evil. However, God always has a better more effective way. Evil is never overcome with evil; it will only be temporarily repressed and will always come back until the carrier is set free and re-employed with the goodness of God instead of the vileness of evil. We are to overcome evil with good.
The war that wins is the war of goodness and love of God that changes people from servants of darkness to servants of light. Evil can only be overcome with good. It is God who mitigates vengeance and that will deliver the righteous. Our war is for us to be cleansed within and filled with the life and attributes of His Spirit.

The detail answers to this question will be different and specific for each of us. However, there are some things that are universal and common to all believers at this time. All of us need to draw closer to God than ever before. It is imperative that we are so intimate with God in the Spirit that we know His voice and how He speaks to us individually. We must be so in love with Him that nothing can hinder our HEARING CLEARLY AND OBEYING INSTANTLY all of His guidance and leading for us.

We all need to become in total allegiance to the government of God (the kingdom rule of God) above all else. In the kingdom of God, we have the greatest government in all of creation. Our King is the wisest, most powerful, and all loving government ever and is literally over all creation. The anti-Christ government is no threat whatsoever to our King. There must be nothing left to hinder our relationship with our God. No other agendas or kingdoms to build and no dependence upon ourselves or anything apart from Him.
We all need to worship and praise our God in prayer with thanksgiving in His presence. We will be strengthened and prepared in His presence with supernatural ability to be and to do all that He has for us in this time. We can do all things through His strengthening. All things are possible that he says if we believe. We absolutely must not be led by fear or human emotions.

Specific leadership will be given from the Lord by the Spirit. However, He can guide us to consider how life might be different and how to deal with the changes. Get in His presence and ask questions and wait for answers. Who and where to be connected? What or how to prepare for a new and different life? What and how to set up new systems of life apart from and by going around the existing systems of life? If and where to relocate or not? And many other vital questions?

LET THE LOVE AND POWER FLOW THE GIFTS THAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU. Demonstrate the supernatural miracles of healing, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, and spiritual understanding. Let prophecy gifting be seen. By all this become a good servant to those who harshly rule over you and pray for those who spitefully use you. Go the extra mile and forgive all offenses. God will fight for us, and His wrath we be evidenced against those who violently oppress His precious children. Hear and obey all that God has said and is saying. Vengeance is mine I will repay says the LORD.

This is not the end of the world but rather the beginning of the fullness of the kingdom birthing process.
This is the season of harvest of the earth both in redemption and in judgment. “As I live, says the Lord, Every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”
For the day of the Lord of hosts shall come upon everything proud and lofty, upon everything lifted up, and it shall be brought low. (Isaiah 2:12)

“The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” (Revelation 11:15:)”

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