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We can do better than fill a space or time slot with a piece of God-talk.
We can do better than fill a space or time slot with a piece of God-talk. We can release resurrection life. There is the gospel of random acts of religion and there is the gospel of the Kingdom. There is the knowledge of good and evil and there is the Kingdom of God’s Sons. There is the person who gives an informational talk on some aspect of Christianity the person who releases wisdom, revelation and life.

There is a line of life and authority that began in the Father, was passed on by His Son, made its way into human beings, was interrupted by the fall and has risen again in the resurrection of the Son of Man who lives in and imparts His life to the sons and daughters of men. It is this life of the Father, the resurrection life of His Son who lives in you and I to be shared with those who live in darkness and in the half-light of religious conformity.

The gospel of the Kingdom hinges on a number of related themes.

1. The loving and completely trustworthy nature of the Father.
2. Our access to the Father’s heart on account of Jesus the Door.
3. Christ our life, the Spirit of Sonship and sons alive in the Son of God through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
4. The mentoring role of Fathers who have gained their mentoring authority by being hidden in and nurtured in the Father as sons.
5. The foundational role of our new covenant life in the Spirit.
6. The apostolic nature of sons of our Father, fathering and the potency of the new creation.

There is one law that binds us together. This is the law of love, otherwise known as the law of the Spirit of Life that originated in Our Father and was revealed in Jesus to be manifest in His sons and demonstrated in the world as His church. Jesus is the law of the Spirit of Life and the image of Our Father.

A life devoted to prophecy or hearing God is part of our inheritance but probably not the gospel of the Kingdom. A life devoted to being a son of Our Father is. Here we are a kingdom of priests. Jesus found His place and mission in the Father and so do we – by living in Him. In Christ we and the Father are one.

There are many aspects of the Kingdom, that by themselves are not the Kingdom. I mean morality, ethics good works, miracles, ministries and missions, prophecy, hearing God. They are all parts of the whole but not the whole, nor are they the essence. The essence is Christ our life and the manifestation of the love and the authority of the Father through His sons. The life of the Son of God is ours because Jesus is the Son of Man. The kingdom is no more and no less than Christ in you, which by extension is Father, Son and Holy Spirit manifesting the life of heaven where you are.

The following is an excellent post by Ron McGatlin on the Gospel of The Kingdom.

1. Kingdom Inheritance the Next Generation
By Ron McGatlin
In the 1980s, a powerful revolutionary restoration of the gospel of the kingdom began as fresh revelation of the gospel of the kingdom was poured into a few chosen servants of God in strategic spots across the earth. Suddenly these chosen humble men of God were awakened and consumed by a Holy Spirit impartation of biblical kingdom truth. These were not big name ministers with large churches or big TV ministries. They were humble sincere low profile men of God in various walks of life.

All of these men were seasoned mature servants who had experienced the fruit of all of the recent past moves of God. Looking back we can now see that each of the previous moves of God were laying in strategic parts of the wholeness of the pure gospel of the kingdom that Jesus had proclaimed 2000 years ago. The previously restored truth that came in each move was part of the restored powerful, all-satisfying gospel of the kingdom of God coming forth on earth.
These humble servants of the 1980s, readily received and faithfully sowed the seed of the freshly restored word, power, and love of the kingdom of God reality. Like yeast in dough the reality of the freshly restored kingdom has rapidly spread across the world. Mostly out of sight from the masses and main stream religion, it has changed and is changing the character and nature of the believing world. From their mustard seed of faith a few well-placed servants of God sowed the kingdom and watched it multiply across the world until it has grown into a mighty tree under which many seek life and shelter.

These humble servants who invested their lives to plant the restored fresh seed of the real kingdom of heaven coming forth in the hearts and lives of God’s people are passing away. Each of the few men had a story to tell of how they first received the glorious life-changing truth of the kingdom of heaven directly from God by the Holy Spirit.

Myles Munroe was one of those few who originally received and embraced the fresh restoration of the real gospel of the kingdom and faithfully scattered the seed of the kingdom to the world.
Please allow me to tell a small part of his story and the story of my time of reception of the word of the kingdom directly from God by the Holy Spirit.
For many years I read and studied the Bible. It was the focal point of my life, my guide and source of direction. The living Word continued to amaze me day by day as old familiar passages continued to yield new light and meaning. To some degree I was accustomed to this wonderful phenomenon.

From time to time, as fresh revelation shed new light on the written word, it seemed my whole Bible became new. When I was born again, the Bible suddenly spoke clearly of salvation by grace through faith in the cross of Jesus Christ. Later, when a deeper experience of Holy Spirit baptism occurred in my life, passages suddenly became alive to me that I had some way not even noticed before. Many scriptures about healing, miracles, powers of darkness, casting out demons, healing the heart, and the baptism of the Spirit “appeared” in my Bible.
These and other experiences, as great as they were, had not fully prepared me for what happened to me in January of 1986. I had left the ministry where I had been serving and had no other occupation at the time. My days were spent in a nice, quiet travel trailer beside the house praying and studying the Bible. I had begun again to read the book of Matthew. This time one word seemed to be on almost every page and again and again came from the lips of Jesus. He seemed to preface many of His teachings with this word. I knew I had read it hundreds of times, but it had never really “been there” before. It had always just seemed to flow “under” or “behind” what was being said without adding meaning to the passage.

Because this word had suddenly “appeared,” and because I knew little or nothing about it, I became curious. So I prayed a simple prayer. The answer to that prayer changed my entire life forever. Suddenly, in a moment of time, it seemed everything I had ever known was shaken and began to take on a whole new light, a new meaning. Mysteries began to clear up about things I had wondered about for years. Pieces began to fit together that I could never get to fit before. A deep satisfaction began to come into my heart as things began to become real and make practical sense for the present instead of religious ideas and doctrinal teachings from the past or for the future.

I had simply prayed, “God, what does this word “kingdom” mean? What is the kingdom of God - kingdom of Heaven - why did Jesus talk about it so much? That simple phrase, “kingdom of God,” has become the focal point of my life. In the days that followed this prayer, the heavens were opened to me. God was closer to me than ever before. Every question I asked was instantly answered with staggering impact and clarity. I was amazed again and again and often overwhelmed, my mind reeling as God poured simple yet profound revelation of His kingdom into my heart. I became very careful about the questions I asked.

Revelation from God often will not match up with our previous understandings. One of my reactions to all of this was that of thinking that people would surely come against me because many of the things God was revealing to me were different from the way my church had taught them. I had never before heard a word of the kingdom message like God was giving to me. I was afraid I would be the only person with this radical message. Then God told me He was giving this message to certain men around the world and that it would eventually just seem to come up from everywhere like the grass in a field. In the years that followed, He allowed me to receive tapes from men in various parts of the world who had received the same message at about the same time.
Myles Munroe was one of those men.

There were eventually four other men that I miraculously knew of in this world who received this earth-shaking message of the kingdom directly from God at about the same time. They were in different walks of life and in different parts of the western world. I believe in my spirit there were others in different cultures and parts of the world, but I do not know of them personally.
The first confirming witness that I heard from was a man from New Zeeland who was apparently in secular educational leadership there. I received a cassette tape through a person who I was ministering to that found the tape in the missionary barrel at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. The man from New Zeeland on the tape was speaking to a group somewhere in the UK and speaking a clear message of the kingdom that he had received from God. This was the first other person I had ever heard apart from myself speaking the gospel of the kingdom.

The second confirming witness was Myles Munroe from the Bahama Islands. My friend, Bruce, who was part of my ministry at the time attended a meeting at a church in Irving, Texas, and excitedly brought me a tape. Bruce was very excited to hear someone else speak the same message of the kingdom that I was preaching. I still remember Myles on the tape telling how God had spoken to him. On the tape, Myles was playing the piano and singing and began talking while continuing playing. He said this as I remember it: the Lord had suddenly interrupted him when he was preaching and said, ‘You are not preaching the same gospel that I preached. Why don’t you preach the same gospel that I preached?’” This caused Myles to research what gospel Jesus preached. Myles preached the gospel of the kingdom from then on.

Another confirming witness was a man from Canada who headed up a Bible school there. He was a veteran of all the recent moves of God prior to receiving the message of the kingdom. If I remember it right, he was playing golf when God showed up and began pouring kingdom into him. I remember him saying that he told God he had trouble with the term “kingdom” because of false witnesses who had heavily used that term. He asked God for another term to use, and God told him the word “government.” The kingdom of God is God’s government on earth.
There was one other witness that was a business man in the USA who heard the kingdom directly from God at this season. If I remember right he was in the furniture retail business.

All of these men came from different perspectives and each had a special emphasis, but each brought the same word of the kingdom of heaven / kingdom of God now on earth.

Along with and even before this, the devil devised a counterfeit word of the kingdom to try to head off the true word. In the false word there was a thread of man rising up and taking over governments and nations through natural means. This became a great deterrent to the true kingdom gospel of the pure holy love of God bringing the power and wisdom of God to eventually change the world to “as it is in heaven.”

Shortly after the original messengers of the true kingdom had come forth, many others came who had heard a word from some of these original men. They were quickly consumed with the life-changing reality of the gospel of the kingdom and began proclaiming the real kingdom of God.

The End of the Beginning

The recent passing of Myles and other kingdom foundational men marks a major shift of the advancing kingdom of God on earth. The beginning has finished, and now we are moving into the next great phase of the super structure of the kingdom being built upon the foundation – the foundation of Christ Jesus that was first laid over 2000 years ago and that has in this generation been clearly restored.

Perhaps the most opportune time of all history is now upon this next generation of kingdom men and women. The foundation is restored, and the door of heaven is open to pour out the fullness of the season of Tabernacles – the reality of God with and within His sons and daughters on earth - the pure holy love, power, and wisdom beyond measure – the supernatural creative spiritual gifting of God Himself in His people transforming the earth. Myriads of powerful holy angels working with the mature sons of God are a part of this next phase of the restoration of the fullness of God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
All things are possible to those who believe – those purified through adversity from all that hinders the work of God – those who fully embrace their place in the restoration of planet earth and all that is on it to the functioning reality of the kingdom of God fully under its rightful KING and LORD of all, Christ Jesus.
Christ in you the hope of glory will be fulfilled on this earth. The hope of glory is becoming the reality of the glory of God admired in His people and filling the earth with the glory of God.

I was the youngest man other than Myles Munroe that I know of that received the fresh restoration of the gospel of the kingdom back in the 1980s. I feel that I am now one of the last, if not the last, of those early recipients who yet remain on earth at this time.

Further I feel that the Spirit is showing me that 2015 is the year of a major transition to the next phase of kingdom. My only remaining work is to be a part in the transition from the season of restoring the kingdom foundation to the men and women of God who will bring forth the glorious establishment of spiritual super structure of the kingdom upon the finished restored foundation of Christ Jesus and His gospel of the kingdom.

I pray that God will make clear to each of you the real PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE ON THIS EARTH.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteous, and all things will be added to you. The kingdom of God is upon the shoulders of His Body fully connected to Him the Head of the Body – the KING of kings and the LORD of lords, Christ Jesus.

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you” – Jesus.
Ron McGatlin