What Counts is a New Creation


If there is a quality that is next to Godliness it is humility.
We were made to live in God. We have a life in God. This life has a name: The Spirit of Sonship. This implies that we have a Father of whom we are a part and an expression. We know our Father because we have seen Him – or the apostles have. They saw Him in Jesus. They touched Him, heard Him speak and bore witness to the Son of Man/Son of God. In seeing Jesus they saw our Father. Yet we know Him too because He lives in us and reveals Himself to us through witness of the Holy Spirit. Father, Son and Holy Spirit conspire so that we both know God, live in His presence and have His Spirit dwelling in us.

The knowledge of good and evil transitioned us into a state of separation from God and into knowledge about God based on ourselves, the seeds of distrust and our fear. It began the process of creating god in our own image and making ‘gods’ out of behaviours and things. This is the dilemma of the rebel, the conceit of the ego and the confusion of the religious.

The mystery of iniquity is an obsession with the negative, a preference for unbelief over belief and a compulsion to incubate the lie over the truth. The opposite to humility it wears a mask of honesty and the pursuit of truth, for it must be
as the most high, personally defining good and evil. But the result is a sterile humanism, barren of Kingdom fruit or a dissolute parade of vanity and confusion.

The poor in Spirit learn a lot and the meek really do inherit the earth and the Kingdom. If there is a quality that is next to Godliness it is humility. Humility enables us to receive the gift of God’s love, His Fatherhood and be taught. The humility of the godly is different to the ‘open mind’ of the arrogant. Arrogance and pride will possess as its own any position it fastens upon and promote it as enlightenment. But it walks in confusion and discernment flees its presence. The wise and the godly stand afar of because chaos abounds when a fool becomes king.

‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God’ Matt 5.8 NIV.

Purity is not entirely to do with sexual morality. It has to do with a willingness to resist pride, self obsession, self-deception and the belief that one has a right to be right – an obnoxious form of entitlement. Purity is the opposite to venality. We cannot be ‘pure’ and a narcissist. The pure in heart see God and know Him as He is. They know themselves and have a modest and accurate account of who they are. The poor in spirit perceive the Kingdom of heaven and advance it in the earth. The meek, the humble and the self-effacing – those who make themselves of no reputation inherit the earth because they are the representatives of the new and living way of the new creation.

‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’ Matt 5.3 NIV.

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