What Counts is a New Creation


There are buildings that are alive and buildings that are shells; shells that suggest purpose and energy but are empty and pretentious.

Jesus described the Kingdom as a seed and a yeast. It starts small yet it fills the entire earth. The Kingdom is both infinite and eternal being Spirit and it flows from God. Jesus healed, multiplied life and undid death. Yet He did not come in the institutional garb of the day and nor did he bow to its expectations.

Despite this Jesus was a rock that came out of heaven; a rock that demolishes the statues of man and the Rock that fills the entire earth with His glory. Jesus is the Rock that joins us to the parent Rock – the Rock from which we were hewn. This image connotes massive strength and life. Life particularly when we link it with the reality of living stones – those who are alive in Jesus. This image suggests that there can be dead masonry as well as dwellings that pulse with the life of God.

Life is the stuff of the new creation.

Indeed, there are buildings that are alive and buildings that are shells; shells that suggest purpose and energy but are empty and pretentious. Life or death applies to the smallest of groupings as well as to the massive. What counts is not the formation or shape; not whether it is in a house or a hall but whether it is in Christ and whether it is the manifestation of His life. Is the edifice the living expression of Jesus and a conduit of the life of the Father or is it a structure of verbiage and fashionable mechanics? Sharing what she saw in a vision Anna Rountree writes,

Fashionable Icons

‘The inch worm remarked "
I have seen that the children of God often disparage size and the lack of iconic mission descriptions." The inch worm also observed that people would listen to it more if it were a lion and not an inch worm. Cute but true.
The inch worm’s message is homely and direct. The life of God has nothing to with the size of the splash that is made in the Christian duck pond. Nor must it be associated with iconic endeavors, that over used word that attaches itself to clichéd organization, the brilliance of the flesh and mechanical networks of hay and straw. The life of God comes from the Father and those who are one with Him in Jesus.

There is a glory that belongs to man; a glory that enlarges Him. It ignites him as a son because it comes from the Father. Genuine life-giving ministry comes from union with God; from being loved by the Father and sharing this love. We are joined by love to our origins to become who we are. Jesus says,

“I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one. I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me’ John 17.22-23 NLT.

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