What Counts is a New Creation


By drawing us into Himself Jesus draws us into our identity as daughters and sons of God.

As soon as Jesus appeared on the scene Satan attacked His identity. If Jesus could be construed as less than He was, Satan could maintain humans in bondage and himself in control. Satan lives to diminish and belittle human beings. Jesus lives to draw them into their identity as the sons and daughters of God.

‘But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself’ John 12.32 NIV.

By drawing us into Himself Jesus draws us into our identity as daughters and sons of God. With Jesus in us Satan is no match for us and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will advance with divine inevitability. With Jesus as our life we are the right hand of the Father’s power. We create on earth what the Father has ordained in heaven

God’s people have no right to ignore the New Covenant or attempt to create His Kingdom through law, religion and performance. To do this is to cripple God’s people, render ourselves impotent and perpetuate the bondage from which we have been set free. We were made to live in God and have been positioned in Christ. In Christ we are in the Father and as such sons and daughters of God.

Reject ay kind of religion that makes Christ small, you smaller and the devil as a serious rival to Jesus. Father gave Jews the law to lead to Christ. Abandon any false christ who is an adjunct to the law.

You have one Father who is God, One Brother who is Jesus, one righteousness who is Christ in you, one incarnation of Christ as your life.

To promote an identity that is an addition to who we already are in Christ is to weaken people and place them under the power of Satan. God will not hold us guiltless when we take His Name in vain. No one should presume to promote denominational identities that shrivel the human spirit and hobble the people of God. We are complete in Christ

In the following article Ron McGatlin explains how we have been given the
freedom to reign and to rule.
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