What Counts is a New Creation


An old covenant perspective on Jesus robs Him of His identity, denies the fullness of His life and hijacks him to be a servant of assorted performance gospels.

There are some common religious myths that dull our senses. One it that something has merit because it is old. Another is that is a belief it valid because a lot of people believe it. Another is that a practice is ok because ‘It’s part of their culture.’ Another is that something is life-giving because it is found in the Bible.

The belief that the earth was flat was both old, universally believed and wrong. If a practice can be validated because ‘It’s their culture’ than cannibalism is ok. But it’s not. If the Bible makes people spiritually alive then how come there are so many spiritually dead people who are the product of its pages? It is Christ who is our life. He ignites us with His Spirit-life, the life of the trinity and of heaven. There is no life in things, behaviors, stances or beliefs. Life comes out of the trinity into you.

How does this affect us as Believers?

If ‘old’ was of significance then it is ok to live in the old covenant in the new covenant age. But’s it’s not. It denies us union with God, thwarts the new creation and binds us to religion rather that the person of Jesus. Old covenant believers are habitually the dullest of spiritual thinkers and the most resistant to the freedom of new creation life. Why? Because their self-worth and security are entangled in the stuff they feel bound to do. But we are not bound because Jesus has set all captives free from religion and performance by bonding Himself to us. Bound in Christ we are free and at liberty to grow in the Spirit of Sonship as representatives of our Father.

An old covenant perspective on Jesus robs Him of His identity, denies the fullness of His life and hijacks him to be a servant of assorted performance gospels. With an old covenant mind-set we can flourish in religion and be replete with good works. But they are works that lack spirit and life. An old covenant mind-set will produce a culture but not one characterized by spirit and life.

Today we live in Christ not in Adam. We live in the Spirit of Christ, not the law of Moses. Our word is a living word, not words on stone. We live from the fruits of the cross, not a Christianized version of the knowledge of good and evil. But this is what many believes attempt to live from and the result is a half-life, a few drops in the bucket of what could be a waterfall if we chose to examine our inheritance and live in it.

Prayer and Bible study may help us define ourselves as ‘good Christians’ but it may not impart the life of God. Methods never do. Methods and formulae are more subtle versions of law, as is tradition. Life is found entirely in the person of Jesus as is light. Scripture is subordinate to Jesus and finds its meaning and life in Him. Separated from Jesus it has no power to impart life, cannot be correctly understood and produces bigots. We comprehend the words of scripture in the Living Word who is spirit and truth. We live the Bible because the Christ to which it testifies lives in us and becomes our flesh and blood. We can do better than ‘be good Christians’ when Christ is our life. We are sons and daughters in spirit and in truth.

If a principle is not life-giving because it is in the Bible, neither is it life-giving because it is right. Principles of right have no power to replicate themselves on their own. Separated from God they are lifeless and even good things have the power to impart death. Hypocrisy is the province of the knowledge of good and evil. Purity, consistency and grace are the qualities of our life in God. Even a good thing is lacking and incomplete outside of God. But in Christ we have union with God. This is why we must abandon the separation of old covenant thought and become competent as misters of life because we are in God and one with God through Jesus Christ.

The new creation is both ancient and new. It was instituted before the creation of the world. The fall was integrated into this plan in a way that would reveal the sons and daughters of God thought the love of our Father and the sacrifice and life of His Son. But not just the cross. This was the means to an end - the means whereby all that began in Adam would be put to death and all that is Christ inhabits and regenerates the entire human race. In Christ all things become new because each day is a day of new opportunity and advance. The adventure of the new creation is an avalanche of freshness that began with Christ and will cover the whole earth. Rather than seeking your security in the old you are better off to seek this in Christ who is both the ancient of days and the future of the universe.
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