What Counts is a New Creation



When we plant a seed in the rich soil a shoot comes out of the ground, bright green almost most white in colour it thrusts into the air, unfolding and spreading itself into the sunlight. Soaking up the rays of life it multiplies itself into a growing manifestation of beans or tomatoes. It is a metaphor of the new creation person growing out of the tree personed God.

‘Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him,
7having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him’ Col 2.6 NIV.

As a little boy I was fascinated when my teacher showed us some ‘gum tips’ she had collected from among the young eucalypts near here house. Deep green and red in colour she inspired me to search in our bush and bring the same emblems of life home to my mum. The tips are the freshest and most alive part of the plant that reaches towards the light to eventually become fruit or new growth. There are ‘tips’ on pumpkin vines. Similar, yet different they can grow several centimeters in a day. These tips of growth are embody fullness of life. They are what Jesus called in spiritual terms spirit and life. They are the essence of spirit and life and entirely different to the lignified foliage that is the product of old covenant industry.

All of us can embody this freshness, this now evidence of the very life of God. It starts when we embrace Jesus as our life unconditionally. We become His manifest presence because His very life-giving nature lives in us. His resurrection expresses itself in us, overcoming all that is lame and dead. In Him we are as He was - we find ourselves only doing what our Father is doing. This is the soil and ground of life in the Spirit. It is the one means of accomplishing all that Father has set for us to do.

We must be new covenant people to be in Christ. When Christ is our life we are in Him and He is in us. Here we are included in the Divine Fellowship to apostolically multiply the spirit and life of our Father. But apart from Him, secluded in the culvert of the law and groping in shadows we are unable to be our real selves in Christ and bear His Fruit. We have made ourselves and efforts unfruitful branches.

‘Anyone who does not remain in me is thrown away like a useless branch and withers. Such branches are gathered into a pile to be burned’ John 15.6 NLT.

The Spirit-filled life does not belong to the old covenant mindset. It is the effect of our union with our Father. It is not life in itself. Neither is the charismata a thing in itself. It functions as a branch of the vine; a shoot of our life that is in Christ and hence in the Father. Neither the abstractions of the law or the stuff of religion have the capacity to sustain life in the Spirit because they are created things.

Life is never found in tradition, habit, days or times, structure or anything that is not Christ Himself. Any anointing, manifestation of the Spirit, works of healing and prophecy will dry up and fade if our life is not rooted in the new covenant reality of we and our Father are one. It will fade because we are branches that are not part of the vine and fruit that is not connected to the tree of life.

Law and old covenant are an outmoded relationship with God that was only partial and always a shadow of the real. In this realm we bind ourselves with bands that stifle spirit and life and deny the incarnation. Separated from life but bound to religion we will be reduced to utterances that are something and nothing and find ourselves filling opportunities for new creation advance with the twigs and dead leaves of old creation abstractions. We will be oblivious of the fact that the Spirit has departed and left us with husks and memories of what could have been. You have a new creation life that is yours in Jesus, your inheritance in our Father and yours in the anointing of Holy Spirit.
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