What Counts is a New Creation


These are not like the leadership of the past hierarchal structure in which people have become dependent upon man to hear God for them and direct them. The new breed of leader points people to the Throne of God and the leadership of Jesus Christ

If we teach the new covenant and claim a new creation life, we do well to live the new creation and not live institutionally. The life of Jesus is suffocated when it is said to manifest as an institution. Of course it cannot so manifest and to insist that is can is folly and vanity.

The manifestation of Jesus as His church is not about venues or any kind of externality. But it is about His life as ours and can only be lived when Jesus is our life individually and collectively. Jesus is not the means of enlivening anything that of the flesh. In Him that which is ours dies and that which is Him rises as a new creation, a new entity based in His free-flowing life and not on any congealed expression of the letter.

Kriston Couchey illustrates this here:

A New Breed of Leader
Father continues to speak with the witness of scripture and the Spirit concerning transition into this unfolding age. We are a people weaned from dependency upon the power of men’s wisdom and works (the power of the soul), to dependency upon and intimacy with Him in the Spirit. This transition is being seen now in the breed of leader He has prepared for this hour. There is a new leadership emerging from unknown and hidden places well prepared and full of faith for this day.
From Moses to Joshua
Throughout history Father has raised up as leadership to fulfill a purpose in both the spiritual and natural realm. Moses was given to Israel as a leader to bring the Israelites out of Egypt with miraculous signs and wonders. But, it was not Moses and his generation that went into the Promised Land. The generation that went in to the Promised Land was one that had a "different spirit" like Joshua and Caleb who did not have the slave mentality and unbelief of the previous generation.
There is a new breed of leader God is releasing in the earth prepared to take the land of promise and bring others in with them. These are not like the leadership of the past hierarchal structure in which people have become dependent upon man to hear God for them and direct them. The new breed of leader points people to the Throne of God and the leadership of Jesus Christ; leading them to the place of knowing and  hearing Father themselves.
Those who have come to depend upon other men's wisdom and anointing rather than Father’s will not overcome the giants of this day. The Word Himself is taking us into the land of promise and our dependency is upon Him. Those who will lead in this hour will direct others to depend upon Him and refuse to allow others to perpetuate a culture of dependency upon and looking to men to meet their needs. There is only one throne in the heart of men, and it belongs to the King of Kings.
The new breed of leader will not usurp the place of His throne in the hearts of His children anymore. The leadership of Christ in His sons is seen in the communion, relationship, and nurturing found within family; not a chain of command from the past. He speaks to us through others as we come into divine family relationship with them; but it is He who speaks and leads all by means of the inward witness of Holy Spirit.
Leaving the Cave of Obscurity
Like David, we have left the isolation of our caves of sweet communion in the wilderness having found connection in the wilderness with others Father has hidden away for this hour. His body is emerging from the cave to partake of resurrection life and the essence of the One New Man. That One New man is Christ, and in Him we are empowered, aligned, and connected with all who are also one with Him
The Lord has rejected Saul (those leading from the power men’s souls) and he has fallen on his own sword. The time of David (leadership by and in the Spirit) hiding in the cave of Adullam (meaning: sealed off place) is over. Those in the cave were a threat to Saul's way of ruling, but those coming out of this cave are following the king in unity and love with their brothers. This are a company of mighty warriors in the kingdom of the one who sits on the throne of David
David was anointed to be king, and in that anointing he received the heart and authority of God to rule the nation of Israel. His anointing to be king was a stewardship that David did not just take for himself, he grew into it as He learned to trust in the love of his God through life's trials and the cave of hiddenness and obscurity. Saul had the anointing of a prophet come upon him for a task, but he was not a willing vessel for the anointing to remain and abide. David on the other hand was a man after God's heart. He allowed the anointing to teach him to be a vessel where the anointing of God could abide. 
David's prolific prophetic psalms are a testimony to the heart and struggles of a man whose heart was being transformed to the heart of his God. True leadership carries within it Father’s heart; a heart full of self-sacrificing love. This season is a season of leaving the cave of isolation, preparation, and molding; to come together as one with those upon whom the Glory of God will rest and flow.
Crossing the Jordan for Good
 The understandings and operations of the previous age of promises are superseded by the fulfillment of the promise. This transition to another age is a transition to the full establishment of His Kingdom upon the earth as it is in heaven. Jesus Christ’s kingdom Glory resting in and upon many sons will change everything. Truth is not changing, but our understanding of it is changing in the light of His glory. And with that glory comes the change in the way leadership operates and relates in the Family of God.
In His Love
Kriston Couchey, 2012
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