What Counts is a New Creation


In Christ you are uniquely yourself – a daughter or a son of God living in honour and dignity

In Christ you are uniquely yourself – a daughter or a son of God living in honour and dignity, releasing spirit and life because this is your nature as a son of God. Then again we can live as muffled spirits and stultified souls – shadows of our real selves, without our real faces because we live in some substitute for Jesus – some ‘Jesus Stuff’ or religious motions that are a shadow of the real.


Comatose in religion we will live as lesser beings - like giant jelly fish in the Hawkesbury river moving in our and out with the tides of acceptability or like Angus cattle under the shade of the tree Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil, living out our destiny of becoming steaks.

To see Jesus as He is to see and know yourself as you are. ‘As He is so are you in the world.’ Hidden in Christ, you are revealed as yourself in the glory of your sonship and the uniqueness and authority of your ministry in the Spirit of Sonship.

Many non-Christian religions are an expression of ethnic identity. The manifestation of humanism as religion is innately corrupt, even if it does contain elements of truth about humanity, God and the universe. An identity glued to a denomination is similarly limited. Limited because you have one husband who is Christ. The supposition that one can have dual or triple identities insulates us from the fullness of Christ and the genuine revelation of our true selves that comes from our Father.


In ‘
Til We Have Faces’ C S Lewis elaborates on the truth that the more we attempt to draw life from anything that is not the Christ of God, the less we are as human beings and the more our identity dissolves into nothingness or just a clone of who we happen to be near at the time. A chameleon is a clever lizard but a poor model of a human being.


Most people like to have sex naked. This is because, in our youth at least, we have more of our innate physical glory. In making love, we encounter each other as we are and find wholeness in the sensuality of the other’s glorious body. It it’s not by chance that this relationship – ‘knowing’ your spouse produces new human beings. There’s a pattern here.

The story of the trinity is the model. They lived in the joy of who they were and their life was full of delight. Father, Son and Holy Spirit were, so to speak, naked and one with each other. I’m not saying they were having sex but I am saying that their relationship is the archetype from which sex is born and from which community is comes to life. It was from this experience of ultra-life – their fellowship, union and communion - that they decided to create us – to create you – to share this life with them.

‘May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God’ Eph 3.19 NLT.


There’s a war against fullness in Christ. The Enemy and his helpers are unremitting in their attempts to narrow and dull the infinity that is Christ in order to maintain the shadow in which they live. Supporters of un-life labour, pumping our rationalisations and justifications of their stagnant shell that passes for the Kingdom of God. Jesus spoke accurately of them. ‘They know not what they do.’ They neither see nor hear spiritually but like dumb beasts plod on in what they know.

We need not be nasty people to support a stagnant spiritual existence as a form of Godliness. As J Baxter Kruger asserts in his book,
Patmos, we can love Jesus and be tied to an image of Jesus who is not the Christ of God. Here we are tied to a construction of our own minds formed from the soil of our own misgivings, poor doctrinal teaching or an attachment to an identity that suffocates the revelation of who Jesus actually is. Baxter states that anyone can receive the accurate revelation of who Jesus really is simply by asking Jesus to reveal Himself and dissolve every false impression seeded by the Enemy into our souls. This will result not only in our learning who Jesus actually is. We will know ourselves as who we are and become sons and daughters in spirit and in truth.

We can be notionally part of the Kingdom of God and notionally part of the Body of Christ. Living as sons in Kingdom fullness comes from living in the fullness of Christ, living in the fullness of His gospel and the fullness of who we are as sons and daughters of God – not in our own lights - but in spirit and in truth.

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