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Deep within we desire to be taken seriously as a person and more than this – to be seen and known as the unique person we are. We might try all kinds of avenues to find ourselves, know ourselves and be known. A useful place to start and one that delivers us from much wasted effort is being lost in Jesus in order to discover ourselves. This is the living way to the real self.


But this is not as easy as it sounds. Not as easy because our Jesus may not be the Jesus who is the I AM of Himself. Not himself because he is a religious distortion and not the Jesus who is easily discovered, because he is so submerged in churchianity and wrong doctrine that he wears the perpetual disguise in which we and the Enemy have clothed him.


We need not be abnormally wicked or occultic people to harbour false christs – just people who are naïve (1) enough to believe all that our pioneers have handed down to us.

A false christ invariably reproduces a false self because it feeds off the confusion of a false god – both of which in turn reinforce our false-christ notions and tether us to the briar patch of our self-made fictions.

This is why Christ must be our life as Jesus declared and why we should aim to be the expression of the god-head as Jesus demonstrated and as He bequeathed to us to multiply as the sons of God who live in sonship. This is to say our inheritance is for each of us to be a manifestation of the trinity. The incarnation is ours. We need to live in what we have instead of religious externalities.


The truth of your reality in God is Christ in you. The truth of the incarnation is that the trinity manifests in you. Your Christ life means that in you, lives the fullness of the God-Head bodily.


Many Believers have a contract going in which ‘they do this so that God will do that’. It’s not explicit but it’s what they live by.

We are alive when one with God. Since Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ separation from God was finished and union with God was NOW. God has included you in Himself in Jesus Christ.


Grace is Christ because the nature of God is Grace. The triune God is grace because God is love.

Jesus has not offered us the abstraction of religion in which to live. He offers us God.

The knowledge of good and evil is an abstraction. It thinks to depersonalised God and it depersonalises you. The letter is death because it is not God. Grace as an abstraction is the letter and as us such grace too is death. Real Grace is Christ your life.


It’s hard to be personal and alive when the core of your being is not personal (1). In his work on the trinity, Richard Rohr asks,

“What would it look like to rebuild on a Trinitarian metaphysic and recreate a truly human full personhood?

It would start by recognizing that each person is created by God as unique and irreplaceable—one to whom God has transferred and communicated God’s divine image in relationship, and who can, in turn, communicate and reflect that image to other created beings.

Merton discovered this solid grounding in a Trinitarian and “personalist” philosophy and theology in the work of a thirteenth-century Franciscan philosopher-theologian, John Duns Scotus. A deep-dive into Scotus allowed Merton to move to the heights of contemplative awareness. Most do not get to enjoy this core. Salvation and holiness become just a wish, a hope, at best a verbal affirmation.”


Why? Because diluted in religion and desiccated by the law we become what we are not – an abstraction with vestiges of human qualities that we call our Christian life.

There’s a reason why Jesus presented Himself as our life and why Paul spoke of Christ our life. God is not an abstraction and neither are you. Unless Christ is our life we are not fully human and we are not fully alive. Sure, we can be ministers of the old covenant as dead men talking. But as ministers of the new covenant, which is oneness with God we minister spirit and life.


The knowledge of good and evil is what we have in separation from God. This separation ended at the cross. The law is a dead tree growing in garden of religion. We are live trees when Christ is our life.

The law separates us from Christ, does not make us Christ-like and robs us of ourselves. Paul Molnar observes that “As sinners we use the law to ‘escape from God’s judgement, in order to escape from God”. This is because we are still living the Fall.


This may sound shocking if we have been socialised into thinking that Godliness is keeping the law. Molnar observes further that which is a universal truth - which is that law observance tends to “sever [our] connection with God.. so that our relations with God cease to be direct and become indirect.” Law is the seed-bed of religion and religion insulates us from direct union with God.

The trinity is life itself and it is the triune God who has included us in Godself in the person of Jesus Christ. Ensure that your gospel is Christ’s Gospel and not some fantastical aberration that denudes you of God and yourself. We all have limitless life and shining humanity when we agree to be the manifestation of God. It’s called sons of God – which we are now.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 1238-1244). SPCK. Kindle Edition.