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We are complete in Christ because Christ’s atonement for us is complete and finished. In Christ we are enfolded in the Communion of the triune God who has reached out in Jesus Christ to encompass us in the belonging of its communion.


To be in Christ is to be in God and to be in God is to participate in and be included in the Fellowship that is the Trinity. When Paul asserts his union with Christ in Galatians 2.20,21 he is declaring that his person is one with God and not contained in the abstraction of the law. Paul’s Gospel is that none are one with God by the law and that all are one with God in Christ.


Spiritual gifts are great advertisements for the fact that Jesus is alive and active on planet earth. But the charisma and the gifts are not the core of the Gospel of the Kingdom. The core is our union with God. Thus we are amiss if we are content to remain in the old covenant and the law and think to add to the gospel by moving in spiritual gifts and anointings. These are an effect of kingdom union with God. Not a definition of it. Jeff McSwain is right when he observes that “To hold out the Spirit as a second blessing or additional work of grace is to divorce Spirit from Son, as if the Holy Spirit’s role is to finish a work Christ has not finished.” (1)


Theology on its own does not reveal the power and presence of Christ and can represent a form of Godliness without power. Healing and miracles on their own can become phenomena of power without Godliness. Without Godliness in that they become a thing in themselves, siloed off in a compartment that is an add-on to the old covenant and the law. While limbs may be healed lives may remain unhealed because they are still lived in Adamic separation from God. Our state of being is in God. We were made to live in God. In Christ we do. He and not religion is our life. Jesus mediates Himself. Not religion or the law. Don’t dilute your inheritance.

Christ our life is the complete healing because our separation from God is undone complete in Him and our union with God is absolute in Him.

(1) McSwain Jeff “Simul Sanctification.” page 85 (ebook)