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When Jesus declared Himself the way, the truth and the life, He was putting out there what John was later to affirm – that the big deal of the new testament age is Christ come in our flesh and more – the trinity woven into our being and we into theirs. This achieved union with God was the undoing of Adam by the Christ of God and the establishment of all of us as the sons and daughters of God in Jesus. This is the gospel of the Kingdom.


‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. This is the core of Kingdom life. The new testament message is that Christ is our life – not law or judgment. But life from the son of man multiplied in the sons and daughters of God.

The genius of the incarnation is that Jesus is in you as fully God and fully a human being just like you. He lives in you to make your humanity glow with His Spirit and life. He is not just in religious devotions. He is in you.


Seduced by Satan, humans had fallen into separation from God. Since God, His life, His wholeness and righteousness is relationship - this separation unhooked us from our being in God and from the wholeness of ourselves. If we are not in Christ we are not in relationship with ourselves and our ability to relate in a healthy way to others is hindered.

A present union with God is the touchstone of truth. In legalist/separationist cultures Godliness is outside of us and something we try to attain by aligning ourselves with assorted goodnesses. But by living in union with God – the incarnated Christ in our flesh- God in us weaves Himself into our being.

We can do better than try to live from bits and pieces of righteousness. We can obey Jesus who said that He is our way, truth and life and follow Paul who said that Christ is our life.

Separated from the whole by the lie that led to the fall, our impetus was to seek ‘wholeness’ by ourselves and through ourselves. But rather than the whole being more than the sum of the parts the parts assumed the illusion of the whole and fragmentation became the norm in the world and in religion.


So our seeking meaning and direction in the knowledge of good and evil was not a chance exercise. Left to ourselves it was the only possibility – we became locked into the search for meaning in the compartments and dichotomies we had made in our own minds. This was the old and dead way that gives way to the new and living way, when Jesus rather than religion is our life.


You are not clockwork or a mere mechanism. We have a physiology but we are more than our parts. Our ‘whole’ is our sonship and being in God. A mystical state of being is the experiential knowledge of God and ourselves. It is the knowledge of being human and being ‘sons’. It is God manifest in you and as you. It is you in God - in other words it is new covenant living where Christ becomes our life as Paul says.

Many Believers have never heard of the new covenant and think that the Christian life is a continuation of the Old Testament with Jesus help. Noy so. ‘Born again’ means that you are now dead to religion and alive to Christ as yourself. Thousands of Believer don’t believe in living from the law. But they do not know why. It’s because we now live in the incarnation which is Christ in us and as us. Jesus is not a religion or a compilation of laws. He is life itself and the conveyor of the life that is the trinity into your being. This is why Christ is your life.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. This is the day we are born again. The day we decide to stop guzzling beer and sleeping around is not the day we are born again. The day we decide that Christ is our life is the day of our new birth.

This can be difficult for the person whose being has been framed in the law and a contemporary version of the knowledge of good and evil. In the latter bottle, separation is the fabric of our mindset and our relationship with God.

But you and our Father are one.


The law is un-rest. The law is about doing but never about being. The law is what we do when we know that our being is not whole. It is what we do because we know we are not one with God and we are reaching out by some means of our own to obtain this union. But since the cross you already have it. You and Father are one. By agreeing that we have already been drawn into Christ’s life and His relationships, we possess all that is Christ’s possession in heaven and His relationship with our Father and Holy Spirit.


In a mystic state of being, THE WHO OF YOU is realised in your being because your being is rooted in God’s being. This is to say, you enter your real self and leave behind your old self when you enter God’s YES.

“Many Christians are scared of the word “mysticism.” But a mystic is simply one who has moved from mere belief or belonging systems to actual inner experience of God. Mysticism is more represented in John’s Gospel than in the three Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) which give us the basic story line of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. In fact, the primary reason many are not moved or attracted to John’s Gospel is because they were never taught the mystical mind.” And because they were never taught Christ’s real Gospel.


It's no coincidence that in debating truth, the legalist will resort to definitions. One can define god without knowing Him in their being. If our spiritual formation has been to saturate us in law, it is probable that our inner experience of God is minute because we have been taught that Godliness is externalities. But genuine Godliness is Christ our life. Thus, a son or daughter of the letter will be certain that they belong to the Body of Christ even though their union with Christ in their being is a shadow of the real.


For some stagnation becomes their religion. Should we retain ourselves in compartments of the knowledge of good and evil, we have combined ourselves with a static notion of God and a formulaic notion of the self that congeals us in the letter that kills.

It is inevitable that in the law we will stagnate and begin to die, irrespective of whether we have come into the Spirit or not. When stagnating we do not know that we are stagnant because we are dormant with glazed eyes and blocked ears.


Beliefs are important. It is of absolute importance that we keep in step with what God has done, which means we should have followed Him into the new covenant. Who we are is more important that what we believe. Yet the power of right belief is that it liberates us into who we are. As a bucket of ‘beliefs’ we are a phantom. WHO WE ARE IS THE END POINT.

In the new creation the end-point is that we are sons and daughters of God. There is nothing airy-fairy about this kind of mysticism. Life in the Spirit is Christ come in our flesh – Christ come as you. This incarnation is the experience of belief rather than the possession of words on paper. It is Christ come to manifest as Dale and Cynthia, George and Phyllis.