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When we were small or perhaps not so small, we may have believed that the way to be Godly was to be religious. Believing that the way to be Godly is to keep the law is not so different to this. It is this. Although in many protestant churches many will claim that they are not bound to the law when in fact they are bound to a set of Christian values and behaviors that define one as ‘Christian’ and therefore as Godly.


The Word of God who is Christ our life is not the ‘letter’ rendered supernatural. This Word of God is God revealed and manifest as Jesus of Nazareth.

Some communities of faith are based directly on the law. With others the legalism is not so obvious because it is latent in their version of ‘being Christian.’ Anything that is not Christ our life is – if not a legalism, an expression of living in the knowledge of good and evil – a Christian version of it, to be sure, but the very same tree that turns living persons into dead trees who are dead wood because they have no spirit and life.

Jesus requires no addition to Himself since He is life absolutely and universally to you and us all. Paul used the words, ‘Christ our life’ to mean Christ our absolute sufficiency plus nothing. Don’t insulate yourself from His Direct Presence with ‘additions.’


There is an easy way to be a living tree which is code for a living you. Jesus spoke words of spirit and life because He was one with His Father. He was joined to the life-hub of the universe. We are filled with His spirit and life when He is our life. Now we are directly one with God and not insulated from direct union with God by layers of religion, religious rites and observances and supposedly efficacious adornments of the law.


Jesus did not come among us and be part of us to make us religious. He came to express Himself in us as our life. To be sons/daughters of God is not the citing of words on paper. It is to live in God to be one with God. We are in God and one with God when Christ is our life. To be the manifestation of God is to be a daughter/son in spirit and in truth rather than from the citing of a proof text.

The way to be Godly is not to be religious. The way to be Godly is to agree to God expressing Himself as us. This is the meaning of Christ our life. Being ‘Godly’ is more simple and more comprehensive than most of us have realised.

“God Himself is the real content of His revelation. What He reveals of Himself and His actual self-revealing are one and the same. These are complementary, the Being of God in His Act and the Act of God in His Being.”

(Thomas F. Torrance, Reality and Evangelical Theology. Westminster Press. 1981. pg. 15).