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Jesus is God’s initiative to us and our response to God. If you are living in the union with Christ that is yours, notions like ‘keeping close to Jesus will be irrelevant, since you are not separate from Him. Similarly, sayings like ‘What would Jesus do?’ Will be redundant because in oneness with Him you will know what He would do and you will be who he is in you.


Dualism is the native position of religion. Union with God is the native position of the fall undone in Jesus Christ.

Christ is our life because Christ is our life. Paul said what is true and real. That Christ is ‘all and in all’ is the same as His being the way, the truth and the life in all things.

Thomas Torrance writes, “
God's self-revelation .. was brought to its culmination in Jesus Christ through the Incarnation when the Word of God actualised itself within Israel and within mankind in the visible, tangible form of a particular human being who embodied in himself the personal address of God's Word to man and the personal response of man to God's Word.

In Jesus the Word of God was translated into the form of a human life in whom there was only truth and light and no darkness, the Word of Life to be known and grasped through communion with him, but in Jesus there was provided for mankind a way of response to God which issued out of the depths of its existence and as its very own and in which each human being was free to share through communion with Jesus

Jesus is God’s initiative to you. Christ is your response to Christ. Jesus is your relationship with God.

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