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The natural inclination of people is that we believe we must ‘do something’ to be Godly. In the case of Mary and Martha is was not the ‘doer’ who was the more Godly of the two. It was Mary who found herself at the feet of Jesus receiving Him and being drawing into His life.

You will come across Christians in your journey who will attempt to draw you into their life – such as it is – by manipulation and misguided talk. They are not people who release spirit and life because insulated in religion they are not alive. They deplete themselves by engaging in tasks that the Lord did not ask of them and they waste the time of others by inveigling them into ventures that did not come from God.

Sure, they give out droplets of life in their obsessive activity but never the rivers that come from those whose being is rooted in the being of God. Being alive is a state of being one with God. Obsessive charity is at best lacking in spirit and life and at worst virtue signalling and a pointless attempt to pay back Christ. Jesus by drawing you into Himself has given you yourself as a person alive in His Spirit. From this position we are equipped to water people with living rather than dead water.

Leanne Payne quoting Henri Nouwen writes: “Over the years we have developed the idea that being present to people in all their needs is our greatest and primary vocation. The Bible does not seem to support this. Jesus’ primary concern was to be obedient to his Father, to live constantly in his presence. Only then did it become clear to him what his task was in his relationships with people. Saints of all ages have made it their business to be present to God, and out of this has sprung their truest vocation. They become, therefore, the ones who blaze spiritual trails for others.”

You become who you are to do what you are meant to do in oneness with God. ‘Being’ comes before ‘doing’ in the Kingdom Jesus began. Oneness with God makes you uniquely you and positioned to hear what Jesus means you to be doing.

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