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Jesus and His Father were one. No separation here. He trusted in His Father and lived from His Father. He was the expression of His Father. Jesus lived neither from the law or from the knowledge of good and evil. He lived as the expression of His Father – as His Father’s Son. Had Jesus lived from the law, he would have been living in the separation and alienation of Adam – which of course He did not - because He had come to undo this separation and gift us the union enjoyed by Himself, Father and Holy Spirit.


One with His Father, Jesus revealed Father’s nature, expressed His heart and carried out His plan. Jesus did not go about doing good. He went about being who and what He was. There were no abstractions hanging in the air to which He must conform and no legal reference points to which He was obliged. JESUS WENT ABOUT BEING HIMSELF and being His Father’s son. This is what sons of God do.


One with God, you go about being you and releasing His life by BEING YOURSELF. You do this because you are in the Spirit. This is the difference between living in religion and living the SPIRIT OF SONSHIP. Spiritual gifts will help is minister. But oneness with God will make us agents of a healed life. God I not somewhere else until there is a manifestation of the Presence. He is in you.

Today we have what Jesus had. We have been made one with God. This is the at-one-ment. This union is so complete that we are in the Father and the Father is in us. No separation here. No law. Just the expression of the Godhead as the sons of God.

This might be hard for us to understand if we have been raised in the law or the more amorphous matrix of the knowledge of good and evil – which most of us have. But our spiritual life is not in these. The Kingdom is not in these. In Christ we have been grafted into the trinity and they have made their home in us. We and Father are one. As sons we are the branches and fruit of the vine – the expression of God in our persons and individuality. They have incarnated themselves in us so that all we are and do is the expression of this relationship – THE SPIRIT OF SONSHIP MANIFESTS AS YOU.


‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV. Nothing incubated from the law is spirit and life.

Not all do-good-ism is life giving. The flesh accomplishes nothing. Our union with God is the source and the reason for living works as opposed to dead ones, of kingdom expanding actions of spirit and life rather than mere fleshly do-good-ism that accomplishes little for the Kingdom.

We may not be life-givers because we are busy or have a ministry. We are life-givers when oneness with God in Christ is our life.


Any work done in separation from Jesus does not advance the Kingdom. It may improve a situation but contains no life of heaven or ability to multiply heaven’s life exponentially. God is ultra-life. He is life itself and the kind of life that is defined by itself without any comparison to decay and death. God simply is! This is why death could not hold Jesus down. And it is what Paul urges that we Christ be our life so that we too are this resurrection and life.

With Christ as our life we are drawn into union with God and God lives IN US. This unsubdued life; this resurrection power lives in us and becomes us to be imparted by us – when we live in the Spirit and not in the law. Then again we can ignore this and drag about a body of death in the name of God.


Law culture subverts the Kingdom. Should we have been indoctrinated in the law or it’s more subtle manifestation, religion, we will construe even Jesus in the separatist manner that the law denotes. Just as we attempted to do the works of the law so we will attempt to ‘do Jesus’ in a ‘doing the law mode.’ We will find ourselves defining Jesus as a legality and a performance.

The law epistemology is subtle and subversive. We will imagine ourselves attempting to ‘keep close to Jesus.’ Anyone who has tried this will not prevail. But if we were unsuccessful as law-keepers we will have no more success in ‘keeping close to Jesus.’


Fortunately Jesus keeps close to us. He lives in us and in us. We live in company with the trinity. Through Jesus we are rooted in the Holy Family as the sons and daughters of God. It is this union – uncontrived by us – that makes us alive in God, fills us with spirit and life and empowers us to be constant imparters of the life of God. Rooted vine and branch in Jesus we are joined to infinite life, become infinitely alive and impart this infinite life to all we touch.