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God’s truth is universal. Anyone with a heart for truth will have a heart for God, even if they do not know His Face as yet.

I was talking to a friend on the phone about a book I had read and how it revealed the extravagant love of God and the radical grace of
The Plan. I was reading from an author who came from a denomination that I had been taught as a boy to avoid. Yet his expose of Jesus and His depiction of the fullness of humanity that is available in Jesus for each of us was the result of wisdom and revelation. With an undivided heart we will encounter and absorb God’s truth about Himself and about us no matter what our denominational origins.


The pure in heart see God because they are loyal to one God. They have one master and have not adopted any fiction that seems to entitle them to divided loyalties in the name of ‘loyalty’ to their denomination.

Truth in the Kingdom is never an abstraction. Even if true, a truth is
not truth if posited independently of God. It’s just an item in the agenda of the knowledge of good and evil. This is why we must enter the new covenant in which is our real union with God. Actually we are in the new covenant. We just need to agree with it.

Truth is not only God manifest. The plan is for truth to be
us to be God manifest.


The real presence of ours is enjoyed where we have not married ourselves to substitutes and diluted loyalties. Leanne Payne wrote a book entitled
Real Presence. Just as there is real presence and notional presence so there is real truth and notional truth – the so called truth of abstractions. Jesus called real truth, spirit and truth. He was referring to Himself as our life with the result that the truth not only unfolds us, it unfolds to us and becomes us. Just as The Word is a person who is the Son of God so a new covenant Believer not just words but a manifestation of God’s Son.

God is truth, uncontained and alive. Jesus is life and truth because He is God’s life in person.

In all situations, of course, the all-important question is: “Is it true?” Not: “Is it from my group?” “Does it please me?” “Does it displease me?” “Does it use my vocabulary and my definitions?” (1).


Certain kinds of Christianity are a version of the knowledge of good and evil. I mean Christian moralism and law bound Christianity.

The most subtle addiction and betrayal of our genuine self and those who follow us is an addiction to our own ideas. Particularly if these ideas are ‘another gospel’. Should we choose to live inside the perimeter of our personal or denominational assumptions we will inhibit our personal growth and those we relate to. There are sincere people who do this all their lives. Like a model ship in a glass bottle they never get to be a real ship and sail the ocean of real life that is Kingdom Life. In being open to God we make ourselves open to life without limit.


We can live a theological/intellectual life as a culture of the letter. The constricting part of it can be that it is ‘our letter’ and our fence that we live inside. We can effect an attitude of scholarship, even with our embedded resistance to ideas that are not ours. But our own folly, for that is what it is, is that we have made an idol of our beliefs and inhibited the advance of the Kingdom of God. Why do people evince such misplaced loyalty?

They usually end up fearing and even opposing these ideas [of openness], probably because in their own lives their religion has been tribal more than transformative. Perhaps we want to belong to something exclusive, the equivalent of a religious country club, but by that time, of course, our God has become very small and been whittled down to our size.” (2)

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