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The Son of Man is a real person. He is a human being and fully God. He occupies authority beside our Father in heaven and He lives in you on earth. In a manner of speaking Jesus is you, yet in no way infringing on our autonomy and individuality.

We came out of His being as daughters and sons. He swept us into His being by His ministry of the Kingdom and His cross. We belong to the Family of the trinity, are filled with their presence and have continual access to their fellowship. We are able to worship God in spirit and in truth because He has certified and guaranteed our sonship in the Holy Family forever. This is to say He has verified, certified and ensured our sonship forever.


There are degrees of union with God that can be experienced by all of us should we choose to live in the fullness of our inheritance rather than in the partiality of religion. Some of us have been raised in a deeply unspiritual, law based religion that distorts who Jesus is and smothers our identity as sons of God. In this culture of separation from God, people relate to God and to life through law, though clichés and gossip. In this mode people are almost entirely bereft of spiritual discernment and Kingdom understanding. Here we can take Bible studies but be bereft of spirit and life.
Spirit and life is what flows from us when we and our Father are one. We are one when we live in what is already ours – ourselves in the trinity and the trinity in us. This is the soil of our individuality and our anointing with the Spirit.


Paul spoke of Christ our life. The dynamics of His life as ours is more extensive than most of us know. Not only does He offer His life for our living in the present and the future. He has been one with us in our past. While we may find degrees of life in the human sphere, nothing surpasses the love of God that is ours in the Spirit.

A young woman recounts a personal encounter with Jesus. ‘As if it was happening in that moment, Angie experienced Christ experiencing her life, living her entire life, as if it was His own life. She began to see what it was that the Saviour had actually achieved, how he had sacrificed himself for her. ‘He showed me: he had taken me into himself, subsumed my life in his, embracing my experiences, my sufferings, as his own.’ Paul called this Christ our life. Theologians know it as the vicarious humanity of Jesus.


We can live a routine, pedestrian existence, serving up bits of religion as ‘ministry’ for the occasion. Then again we can live in the union with God that is ours –with a mode of ministry identical to Jesus - only doing what He is doing and saying exactly what he means us to say in the season and in the moment. As sons we are life-giving spirits, ignited ourselves and igniting the spirits of others with the spirit and life that flows from the trinity through us into places of need. This is real ministry in the Spirit as opposed to the lesser ‘anointing’ of spiritual gifts smothered because they are exercised from a position of old covenant separation from God.

We can minister from a place in the knowledge of good and evil or we can minster as a son in union with God. ‘The letter’ is the word that is dead. Law based and knowledge of good and evil conditioned, ‘the letter’ informs but does not ignite. It is not personal and it is not alive. Jesus was ‘The Word’ in that He was the living expression of His Father. This is why Jesus ministered spirit and life. Living as a son and not as a worker, you can do the same. Your words will be the expression of Christ’s life because you and He are one. That which you teach will be the manifestation of God and of you.


Jesus was one with His Father. As such He was fully Himself, one with Himself and ministering in the spirit of sonship that came from His union with His Father. Jesus ministered less from a programme and more from simply being Himself as the Son of God. He was less the presenter of some ‘message’ and more the Revealer of Himself, His Father and the new and living way that was Him. We can do the same when we live in the union of sonship. One with Father YOU ARE THE MESSAGE. No separation here!

Jesus is all things us to ourselves and to God. There is no link between heaven and earth and between you and God that you alone must forge. Jesus is that link and that chain. Seek refuge, seek healing and fullness of life in Him. This is a spiritual life where He not only stands on your place. He has come in your flesh to live in you by the Spirit and manifest as you by His Spirit. As such you are fully in our Father and fully a daughter and a son of God.