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The beauty of Jesus Christ as our life is that He is our truth – which is why He is liberation into life itself. This is why it is crucial to be aligned with an authentic Christ and the true Gospel. Diana in Wonder Woman 1984 asserts, “What one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you’d think.” People of integrity have always known this. Truth can be embraced as the life it is. It can be modified for the sake of personal/group convenience or it can be denied and substituted with ‘credible truth’ for the benefit of vested interests. We find these political considerations alive in the world and in the church. The pure in heart see God. The double minded have no choice but to live in the prison of their own inventions.


Grace and truth are one in Jesus Christ. On account of this Jesus is life. Jesus joins us to the truth of our origins and the truth of who we are becoming with Christ our life. More importantly than this Jesus forms us into the truth of who we are. You become the I AM of you in oneness with Christ - never in oneness with the law. Myths and fantastical self- centred-wishing are dissolved in oneness with Jesus who comes to us as the light and life for ourselves and the world.


The beauty of the Open Door that is Jesus means that we never need be ashamed of having been wrong. Similarly grace and truth means there is no honour in perpetuating false gospels and cunning fables. Don’t be among those who define statement of the kind Jeff Turner make as ‘graceless’ because they have spent their entire lives in the ‘false grace’ of their self-made fictions.


The opportunity that being in Christ’s Grace and Truth provides, is that we have an open door to the newness of life. This the adventure of being in God rather than near God. Christ being our Resurrection and our Life means that we never need be ashamed of finding that we were wrong and that the gospel we promoted was not Christ’s Gospel but a twisted gospel growing from the patch of soil under the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. At any time in our lives, if we are humble enough and bold enough, we can leave veils of misunderstanding behind and start on a ‘straighter’ part of the new and living way who is not Adam but Christ. The way is a Who.


There are versions of Christianity that are toxic and forms of Christianity that are a disease rather than a robust organ in the Body of Christ. They are deformed because they are attached to ‘this body of death.’

Peter speaks of this decay using the words ‘This untoward generation.’ Jeff Turner unravels the meaning of these words in observing that, “In Acts 2:40, the Apostle Peter, speaking to a crowd of devoutly religious Jews, implores them to flee from what he calls an “untoward generation”: Save yourselves from this untoward generation, ACTS 2:40 (KJV, Emphasis mine). Interestingly, the Greek word for “untoward” is the word skolios, which can literally be translated as crooked or twisted, and is the root of our English word scoliosis, a condition in which one’s spine is twisted or crooked…

Turner continues, “The generation being spoken of does not need to refer to a generation as in a period of time, but to the age of the Mosaic Law. Peter, in my opinion, is referring to the Old Covenant era as one that had degenerated into being untoward. What does this word “untoward” mean, exactly? While it can simply refer to something that is inappropriate or immoral, a simple breaking down of the word suggests that it means to be the opposite of toward.” This to say we are ‘away’ from what God has done in His Son and pointed in a direction contrary to the achievements of the atonement and incarnation.


‘What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!’ Rom 7.25.24 NIV.

If we are still joined to the Mosaic Law in deeds or in attitude we are not joined to Christ even if we can define ourselves as the body of Christ. We are joined to Adam and Moses which places us in ‘This body of death? Why in death? Because we are untoward having turned away from life to death.