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The essence of the Kingdom of God is family. It takes its pattern from the Holy Family, otherwise known as the Holy Trinity.

On account of Jesus and the divine conspiracy, human beings have access to the same quality of companionship and fellowship that each of the trinity enjoys with each other. This is our inheritance. This was always the plan and the realisation of this plan is much better than mere salvation.


‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20.

The realisation is communion with God in a manner in which God is God and you are you and the needs of the heart of both are met and celebrated in the joyful relationship genuine sonship.

‘I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.


Paul spoke of Christ our life because our inheritance is much more than an acquittal for transgressing the law and far more than our positioning in ‘the one loaf.’ It’s a state of being; a quality of life that is entirely the effect of Christ our life as a state of being in oneness with God.

This is why any attempt at a legalistic positioning of the self and one’s community in the Body of Christ is a parody of all that it hopes to be. At best the letter can only deliver delinquent humanity and at worst the letter kills. Only the Spirit delivers life!


The sad thing about the sojourner in a little compartment of good and evil and the anaesthetised charismatic who lives in the gifts but not in union with God, is that they have never been set free from the emptiness of separation. They come to the end of their life without realising that they have never lived.


Speaking to this issue C Baxter Kruger writes, “It would be far easier if sin were merely a legal matter, for then God could arrange a legal sacrifice to cover our sins and all would be well.

But such a view, while quite consistent with the mythology of the fallen mind and its projections, fails to answer the fundamental problem: what kind of forgiving God could be satisfied with having the guilty legally clean, yet so trapped in their wrong-headedness and anxiety that they cannot possibly receive His forgiveness and live in its joy?” (1)


There are fragments of wrong-headedness that bite like mosquitoes. And belief systems of anxiety and obstinacy that leach life from entire communities. Their common factors are an innate dualism and an assumed separation from God. But we and Father have already been made one. Jesus is in every possible way you and I towards God as well as our communion with God in the manner in which the trinity commune with each other. This minute you have the fellowship Jesus has with Father and with Holy Spirit – by agreeing that you do.


Baxter Kruger writes of a level of freedom that is foreign to the law dweller, “Genuine acceptance removes fear and hiding and creates freedom to know and be known. In this freedom arises a fellowship and sharing so honest and open and real that persons involved dwell in one another. There is union without loss of individual identity. When one weeps, the other tastes salt. It is only in the Triune relationship of Father, Son and Spirit that personal relationship of this order exists, and the early church used the word ‘perichoresis’ to describe it. The good news is that we have been included in this relationship and it is to be played out fully in each of us and in all creation.”

‘Because there is one loaf, we, who are many, are one body, for we all share the one loaf’ 1 Cor 10.17 NIV. The one loaf is the trinity, you and those who believe this gospel.


This is your daily bread and your daily life in Christ. It’s His daily life in you and the communion of heaven in your circle. This is you in the one loaf.

Union with God, interwoveness with the trinity and the adventure of a life with Jesus exceeds the Band-Aid definitions of law and proof text. Spirit and life is as different to religion as a wet sheet of toilet paper is from a sheet of flame. This is what Jesus meant when He declared Himself the way the truth and the life. It’s what Paul was talking of when He spoke of Christ our life. You as sons and daughters are the manifestation of our Father, Our Lord and Holy Spirit.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Across All Worlds: Jesus Inside Our Darkness (Kindle Locations 697-700). Perichoresis, Inc. Kindle Edition.